HOPE can fit in a Backpack

Help to bless the children in Mexico, share a backpack full of hope this Christmas.

You can make a difference by donating on our Paypal.me account ➡️


We reach families in need

from the poorest places in Mexico

we get people who wants to

Donate & Help with us

We prepare an event, they eat, have a talk about God

And they receive a full Backpack

Fill your backpack with:

School supplies

Pens, pencils, and sharpe-
ner, crayons, or markers,
stamps and ink pad sets,
writing pads or paper, pa-
per folders, solar calcula-
tors, coloring books, etc.

hygiene items

Toothbrush, toothpaste,
mild bar soap (boxed
and in aplastic
bag), hairbrush, comb,
ponytail holders, barrettes,
hair clips, washcloth, etc.

Additional ideas for ages 10-14

Girls: Lip gloss, costume
jewerly, fashion scarves,
friendship bracelets,
craft kits, journals, fun
socks & slippers, dodle
books, Spiro graph kit.

Boys: Legos, card gam-
es, hand-held electro-
nic games, flashlights
(with extra batteries),
basketball, soccer ball,
Nerf football.

Check or money order

In front pocker place 
check or money order for
8 dollars or more to help
feed the children and
their families a especial
meal. (Payable to O.B.T.C.)


Small cars, balls, dolls,
stuffed animals, kazoos,
harmonicas, yo-yos,
jump ropes, sidewalk
chalk, small Etch A
Sketchs, toys that light
up or make noise (with
extra batteries), Slinky,
Frisbee, card games such
as Ole Maid, Go Fish, etc.


T-shirts, socks, warm hat, 
gloves, scarf, ball cap,
flece pullover, warm


Hard candy and lolli-
pops (please double
bag all candy), mints,
gum, sunglasses, toy
jewelry, watches, flash-
lights (with extra batte-
ries), age-appropriate
religious books, Chil-
dren´s or Teen Bible
(KJV, God´s Word, or
HCSB version in Spa-
nish) and pop, top
cans of food.

Help us to keep helping

Since 1996 we have been helping mexican families with our social projects such as Hope Invasion.

Years helping


Families Helped

given packpacks


“Una bendicion que le han dado a mi Familia, muchas gracias a Dios por esta ayuda”

Juanita Elguezabal

“Una ayuda siempre viene bien, mas ahorita que las cosas estan dificiles, gracias por los utiles para mis hijos”

Marcos Rdz

Help Us!




(432) 847 9355

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